Please suggest me some schools

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Mar 31, 2010
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An Asian male immigrant. Came to America when I was in 8th grade.
3.34/4.0 Bio major. For senior year GPA was 3.73 and 3.78. Had a bad start because I was in Varsity sports.
33R. bio-12, physics-13, verbal-8, R. Planning to take MCAT again and hopefully I will get at least 9,10 on verbal.

Shadowed doctors in ER for one semester(~50hrs)
Clinical Research in ER for one semester (~150hrs)
Physical Therapy for the disabled 1month (~15hrs)
YMCA tutor - tutor local underprivileged middle school students 3yrs (~100hrs)
Varsity Sport 1 yr
Intramural Sport - captain - 3yrs
English tutor at a 3rd world country - 6wks
Shadowed doctors in the same 3rd world country - 10days (~100hrs)
Cancer research - currently. will last for about 6 months. not sure yet about publication, but possible.
Shadowed a physician at a pain clinic (~100hrs)
Volunteer at the hospital for the poor (~100hrs)

Hmm. I know I don't have a great GPA but heard that upward trend at the end compensates somewhat. I know 8 on verbal is alarming so will make sure to raise it at least to 9.
Although I am not so outstanding in numbers, I believe I am outstanding in other aspects displaying my passion to become a doctor and to help especially the underprivileged.

I have went through the MSAR book and other med school related books to choose some schools based purely on numbers and residency(I am a MD resident). Fortunately, med schools don't just look at numbers.

Which MD schools are more fit for me? Please dont include schools like VCOM etc. because I have already heard these schools. And Please don't include DO programs because I have already heard that too.

My interest is schools whose principles fit well with how I am represented. Schools who has broader views and evaluations on applications other than just numbers or first-author paper(definitely not saying numbers are not important). I need REACH and COMPETITIVE schools. (I already have enough back-ups)

I know the process is quite random. But choosing the right school is probably as important as what you deliver on your application. And choosing which schools to apply solely based on numbers makes me feel like I am making a mistake. HELP ME!

Thanks a lot! and good luck to all of my peers fighting their way to achieve our dreams!
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Sep 4, 2006
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Your clinical experience is skimpy enough to impair your chances of consideration. I hope you are making an ongoing effort to increase this activity.

A 3.34/33 makes you competitive mainly for less-selective med schools, like
GWU, FIU, Louisville, Tulane, NYMC, MUSC, SCarolina, EVMS, Rush, Michigan State, maybe Oakland (new), Commonwealth MC in Pa. Rosalind Franklin in Illinois is reputed to "look at the whole application." You might also consider Morehouse, Meharry, and Howard considering your strong record of service to the poor. The Jesuit schools might also consider you on this basis: Georgetown, SLU, Creighton, and Loyola. You'll have to research these schools further and decide if they are a fit for you.