Please tell me how you remember all this!

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Sep 24, 2010
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Hey guys, currently, im going through TBR and the explanations are long as heck. Im trying to understand everything but I don't know how ill be able to remember all this stuff. How do you guys go about remembering info that you learned from TBR?

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A lot of it comes from truly understanding the concepts, rather than treat it as something to remember. Concepts are much more manageable than facts. If you know the concepts, you can easily synthesize and recall facts.
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Practice, practice, practice, there's no other way around it. The more you solve problems, the easier it is to remember information because now that you've applied the knowledge to solve a problem it becomes "real" to you.
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Anki is only helpful if you understand the concept.

You can't "anki" concepts, so anki by itself is useless.

To op, understand the concept as many have said in this thread. Idk if you remember taking ochem, but how many times did you memorize single reactions or mechanism? I hope very little, apply the same type of learning style to approach TBR solutions and tricks/tips. It's very cliche to say "understand the concept", no ****, but it truely is just that.

Also most of the explanations in TBR go into the concept behind WHY the answer was wrong and thus eliminated. When you understand that, it really helps to solve questions in timed conditions since you can eliminate 1-3 answers just be seeing why they are the wrong answer.

Majority of MCAT review = practice + going over practice (passages, questions, tests,etc)
Minority of MCAT review = concept review + anki + videos about concepts
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What helped me with physics was doing tons of practice problems and understanding the concepts behind each equation. Eventually, the equations are just in your head and with good prep, you should have no problem with remembering equations.
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