Anyone with info or experience about becoming a pro or college team sports physician with a PM&R specialty? Any websites that would be helpful?


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I don't know much about this topic but throughout my interviews - there were Physiatrists who served as team physicians for college/professional sports teams. There were residency programs with stronger sports programs - so I don't know what level of training you are in but if you're still a student, you may consider doing a Sports rotation at a good PM&R program. You can go to the AAPMR website and look for Sports/MSK fellowships.

Examples -
Temple - Dr. Weinik(???) - used to be team physician for Flyers

Stanford - Dr. Fredericson - Men?s and Women?s Cross-Country &Track Teams, Men?s Swimming, Men?s Gymnastics,Women?s Softball and Field Hockey Teams - see http://guide.stanford.edu/VARehab/Staff/Fredericson/fredericson.html

UCDavis - Dr. Brian Davis - Sacramento Rivercats, Pan American Junior Championship - see http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/update/archives/July_11_03/bdavis.html

VCU - Dr. Silver - Team USA WKA Kickboxing Amateur division

Hopkins - Dr. Eaton - United States Cycling Federation, Junior World Track Team, Cycling World Championships, Master's National Cycling Championships and the New York City Marathon.

Baylor Alum - William J. Bryan, M.D., '75, (left), pictured here with Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell, has been the Senior Team Physician for the Houston Astros for more than 15 years and has worked with Olympic cyclists and many other professional athletes during his career (http://www.bcm.tmc.edu/alumni/newsletter/Archives/Fall_00_/fall_00_.html)

Also, here's a list of sports fellowships - for primary care AND PM&R http://www.physsportsmed.com/fellows.htm

There's also a thread on Primary Care vs PM&R Sports Medicine on this forum. I'll bump it up.

Sorry I'm not much help.
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