possible for AACOMAS cGPA to be miscalculated?

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Dec 26, 2013
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So my sGPA turned out to be the way I calculated it with my two grade replacements, but my cGPA is 0.08 lower and is what my cGPA calculates out to be if I count both the original grades and the grades from my repeats of the two science courses.
Why would AACOMAS count the 1st take of the course in the cGPA, I thought that ditching the old grade was what makes the grade replacement policy awesome. Am I missing something obvious here about grade replacement for cGPA? o_O

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be more specific. For all intents and purposes, it just sounds like you miscalculated.

*it was late
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also did you properly label them as repeats and if not, are you 100% certain they're direct hits?
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yep I labeled them as repeats correctly because it definitely changed my science GPA. alas I will give AACOMAS a call to see whats up and let you know what I hear.
Yeah, so I called and confirmed that they are labeled correctly as retakes. I don't know why I have a 3.32 instead of a 3.4.
FYI: The only way for AACOMAS to recalculate it is if you give them a course correction. Otherwise they won't recalculate it. only reason I care this much is because it could make or break my app!
I have two science retakes btw
cGPA personally calculated: 3.4 AACOMAS cGPA: 3.32
sGPA personally calculated: 3.16 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.16
nsiGPA personally calculated: 3.71 AACOMAS nsiGPA: 3.52
yeah there's a pretty big discrepancy in a non-science course(s) somewhere.

i'm not guessing it will make or break your app unless there is a school that screens below a 3.4 which sounds silly.
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