Dec 20, 2009
Hi guys,

I know application season is not over yet, but I am doubtful on my chances of getting in this cycle. I'd like to be ready for next cycle so I've already started figuring some things out. Here's a summary of my story:

Applied with a 27N MCAT and 3.55cGPA, 3.63sGPA. Originally applied as a philosophy minor and Biology major, but I recently dropped the minor (since it conflicted with science classes and I was getting B's in the phil classes, lowering my GPA). I have great extracurriculars, decent healthcare experience, great leadership, and a little student-run research project experience.

I applied pretty late (late July) thru TMDSAS and AACOMAS.

I'd like to know a couple things about reapplying:
1. Will I need to get a new committee letter, or can I use the one from last cycle?
2. If I applied thru AACOMAS but didn't submit the secondaries... if I reapply to the DO schools will they frown upon this (and therefore worsen my chances)?

Thanks for any help ya'll can provide.


10+ Year Member
Jul 3, 2008
1. I think you can use the previous one but its best to get an updated one if you have made any changes/improvements in your app.

2. I think the schools will ask you later on during the interview why you didn't submit the secondaries for last cycle. But overall, I don't think it will worsen your chance. You can explain to the school that you were unable to complete the secondaries due to financial hardships (I think submitting secondaries are getting expensive each year.)