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Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by jxr902, Aug 8, 2006.

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    I want to apply to postbac programs. On a lot of websites it says they frown on people who have taken prereqs; but if you have taken a few you are still eligable. I have taken Bio1 Bio2 Chem1 Chem2. I am a Kinesiology major, and at my school these classes are manditory in order to get your BS in Kinesiological sciences. Can I not apply to any postbac programs because of this. Are there some programs that are more suitable for me and others that will definatly not accept me? I am looking at Bryn Mawr and other high caliber program are they more inclined NOT to take me than others? Is there cut-off like "if you have taken underhalf of BMCP your good; any more your in trouble."
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    The more formal programs like Bryn Mawr probably don't want you to have taken many of the sciences (but check with them on this). Less formal programs may have paths of upper level courses you can take. And you can certainly do an open enrollment, "design your own" postbac, where you just take science classes.

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