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Post-Bacc as Most Meaningful Experience on App?

Bojack Doctorman

New Member
Feb 15, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
I did a quick search and did not see this topic, apologies if it exists already.
Currently, I have my post-bacc education as a most meaningful experience. Are there any other applicants doing this and what are your thoughts?

Its been 3 years and this experience has forced me to change my life routine and habits to succeed. It also was a completely different experience than undergrad with juggling work/class and trying to fit in shadowing/volunteering.

The purpose is to show how I was dedicated and was willingly to put in long hours to succeed. Also, that I had matured from undergrad and am now a different person. Its probably been the most influential experience in my post undergrad life because I've dedicated 3 years to it and made lots of sacrifices for it to work.

My fear is that this is not an experience that elicits an emotional response or shows me in a medical/empathetic situation. Its personal to me and something I am most proud of. I feel like it was a great feat but most nontraditional have tough decisions when it comes to post baccs, so maybe my meaningful experience is very common and not worth highlighting. At the end of the day, its just shows I've changed and can work hard, but I wanted to highlight the sacrifices I was willingly to make.

Interested to hear any thoughts or others that are listing their post-bacc as an experience?

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