Post Bacc Committee Letter Summary or Separate LOR?

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I am in a Post-Bacc program and we are required to submit a minimum of 3 LOR and 1 additional LOR from a MD or DO we have shadowed. I graduated undergrad in 2020 and worked as a Medical Lab Tech. Medical Lab Scientist, CNA and Caregiver during this timespan. What I am wondering is that the Post-Bacc program now wants me to add up to 5 LOR total, 1 being the MD or DO I shadowed and the committee will summarize the letters with a letterhead? Some of the medical schools I have emailed have told me not to include who I shadowed on the Committee letter because they want that separate. Some schools count the 4 LOR on the committee letter summary as all 4 of my references and some only count it as one LOR. I am not sure if I should even add a committee letter since the application instructions differ from school to school. I am wondering if this is normal for a committee to take LOR from my professional work references, undergrad and post bacc professors to make a summary letter and I am confused on what to submit. Obviously I can't turn in the LOR from shadowing since a majority of the schools I am looking at specify to add that as a separate LOR. I also have a advisor I did undergrad research with I don't want my work with her to be buried in a committee letter from a post bac that has nothing to do with what I did in undergrad 4 years ago. I am assuming I should keep my undergrad references separate from my professional work references and let the post bacc instructors be the aggregate LOR on my committee letter? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd chat with your pre-health advising both at your post-bacc and undergrad. For what it's worth, I didn't do a post-bacc but I had one combined committee letter, including a physician I shadowed, and schools were content with that.
I did not go through my committee because submitting the letters individually (via inter folio) was more convenient. You can do whatever makes more sense to you. Most schools don’t require it to be one way or the other and have no way of keeping track of which undergrads have committees.
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