Apr 30, 2012
First, has anyone else been accepted into Drew University's post bacc pre-med program in NJ - and planning to attend?

So happy I made it into that program (it was the best option for me) but now I'm worried about not being able to afford it. I knew how expensive the program was going into this situation and that the post bacc's do not qualify for financial aid.

What I didn't know was how hard it would be to obtain a loan for a non-matriculated program. I'm being turned down left and right for that reason alone, since I am not earning a degree. Wells Fargo, Chase and Sallie Mae seem to be my only options, but I'm sure they will want a co-signer.

Also, I was told by the financial aid office and a rep from FAFSA that I shouldn't bother submitting one because I'm not eligible. But on Drew's website, under the financing tab, there is a section for Continuing Education Assistance by submitting a FAFSA: (see below)

Continuing Education Assistance

Need-based financial assistance does not carry over from year to year. You must reapply annually, updating and refiling a federal Renewal Application or FAFSA.

We recommend filing as soon as possible after completing your federal income tax returns. If necessary, estimate to the best of your ability. The Renewal Application deadline for returning students is April 1.

The assistance programs listed in this brochure are renewable annually for students who are making satisfactory academic progress and who show continuing need.

I have a friend enrolled at the post-bacc pre-med program at UPenn who submitted a FAFSA and got a ton of assistance, even though his program doesn't grant a degree either. He was also told he wasn't eligible by his school.

I would greatly appreciate any insights, personal experiences, suggestions, etc. on what I should do.