Nov 11, 2013
Washington, District of Columbia
I have a bachelor degree in Psychology with 2.97GPA, abroad (not so great at all)and I never had any pre-req science courses.

I need to know

a. is there any universities offering Combined Post-Bacc program + M.A Program ( definitely non thesis) ?
like [url][/URL]
problem with this one is they require DAT score before transferring to MA

b. if i take my pre-req in college instead of Pots-bac programs ( huuuge difference in $!) ,then apply to MA program, HOW MUCH DOSE IT EFFECT MY RESUME and MY ACCEPTANCE CHANCE?

c. in SFSU website they mention " Many health profession schools discount the grades received in masters programs (due to grade inflation) and greatly prefer that applicants prove their academic abilities through enrollment in upper-division science electives." IS THIS TRUE?????????? - last paragraph

any help and advise greatly appreciated :)
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