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Post interview communication


New Member
10+ Year Member
Dec 6, 2008
So I am on the interview trail and I wanted to run a question by everyone. At many of the programs, residents have told me that they would encourage me to tell a program that I am ranking them #1 if that is the case and that it may influence my position on the program's rank list. I know that soliciting this sort of information is a match violation from both sides, but it is okay to offer it. Anyone have any insight as far as how to proceed with this sort of communication before the match?


Junior Member
10+ Year Member
Apr 14, 2005
I wouldn't really consider what you are describing to be a "solicitation". From what I understand it is not uncommon to tell a program that you really want to go there. The problem arises is when you tell multiple places that you are ranking them number 1 and if you don't match there they will know that you lied if they ranked you high enough that you would were guaranteed to match.
This basically puts you on a blacklist if you try to get a job there in the future which is why its not a good idea.

I don't really get why telling a program that you will rank them #1 will influence your ranking on their list; although its obvious that this happens. Would you rank a place that you were less impressed by higher if you knew they were going to rank you #1? I would think they would rank solely on credentials and compatibility but I guess programs look bad if they have to go far down on their list (??)

I plan to tell the programs I like that I will be ranking them high on my list, but I will only tell one program that I'm ranking them #1. Seems like that is the safest and fairest thing to do.
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