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Dec 16, 2009
hi everyone,

so with extra research here and there, i realized that some people are going for a second bachelor's to fulfill prereqs in order to receive financial aid and for whatever else reason.

my plan was to attend a postbacc program -- either loyola in chicago (1st choice) or ut dallas. unfortunately, loyola costs a fortune, and i don't think i'd get enough financial aid and i haven't built up a credit history to take out private loans (nor would i really want to anyway). i also got into harvard's program, but i decided against it since i'm trying to finish it close to 1 year rather than take 2 full years, and from my understanding, harvard classes would be too difficult for me to do a full courseload in a semester (plus, i just have a general fear of the classes because...well, it's harvard).
from what i've heard, you're limited to a certain amount of federal loans as a postbacc student, and you only get it for 1 year.
i'd really like to do a postbacc because i feel like i'd do better with some sort of guidance rather than being on my own, but of course, they tend to be money-grubbing and all.

i'm not too eager on the idea of having a non-degree/visiting status, either, since i wouldn't be eligible for any aid. plus, i hear these students are the last to register for classes.

would it be wiser to go for a second bachelor's for this reason? what would happen if i solely did my prereqs and decide to drop out in the middle? would that work against me? i don't really want to get another bachelor's, but i just wanna have that status for the fin aid. another problem is that i'm guessing a lot of the deadlines have passed for undergrad apps, or at least the opportunity to be considered for merit scholarships.

i don't know if this helps at all, but i currently have a 3.8gpa from a state school with absolutely none of the prereqs (not even precalc or calc except stats. i'm really behind :(). i will be graduating this may.

some kind of help would be really great. thanks. sorry, i know this is terribly long to read. i feel like i'm really short on time now, seeing how it's almost graduation, and people are going places while i'm stuck here, still deciding on what to do :(


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Oct 29, 2006
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I'd consider HES... They're relatively inexpensive compared to other postbacs and the schedule is such that you could work a part time job, if you so wanted, you might not even need loans if you played your cards right.