postgraduate opportunities as an ITALIAN MBch.

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Jul 5, 2011
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Hi everyone Docs!
I'm Daniela, I graduate in Medicine last March. I've been thinking about UK postgraduation medical education over last 4/5 months.

at this very moment I'm
- studying for IELTS (next saturday I'll be tested)
- gonna get italian registration
- trying to FIGURE OUT CLEARLY what I have to do, but I'm pretty confused and Italian docs are totally uninformed about. :confused:

the point?? ---> FP2: how can I hope to join the FP if I do not have any article on pubmed, any PhD degree, any oral poster or similar (that's Italian way, not my skills, believe me). So, ANY except for a "honour degree" and some good references ? My doubts:

1) I know I could acquire FOUNDATION COMPETENCIES as a locum doctor for some months ... but will I have the same chances to get a training program later in time? is it really equivalent?

2) I've been considering about joining a 3-yrs PhD programme in order to get a highter quality edu (research) and ... scores for future FP2 applications. the point is: WILL I HAVE MORE CHANCE TO BE ENROLED IN FP2 3 yrs later ? I mean: I'll be 29 yrs old, and so. And what about MBch, so postgraduated, which enter a PhD programme "in between" instead of FP immediatly?

suggestions? I'll be grateful even if you show me simple info sources :):xf:

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