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Feb 8, 2005
i heard somewhere that for a dentist to practice in California they would have had to have gone to a USA dental school, and can not mearly just pass the license test...

anyone know if this is true? cause sometimes i wonder about the dentist here that is working on my mouth and that i am paying a good amount of money to... i forgot to ask her today what school she went to, but i might just call and ask later.. cause to be frank, her work isnt bad, but she does make me wonder sometimes...

then again everyone cant be like my hugely expensive dentist back in LA who him and his wife are both teachers at USCs dental school.. and know that after giving a shot you should probably wait AT LEAST 30 secs before working, or giving another shot... dam crazy dentist.. IM A BIG GUY YES.. BUT IT DOESNT MEAN I DONT FEEL PAIN WOMAN!!! sorry just venting....