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Discussion in 'Step III' started by ktat72, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. ktat72

    ktat72 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 16, 2002
    New York, NY
    where is the site that i can purchase a practice usmle step 3 that is like the nbme practice tests for step 1 and 2?
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  3. Brian Pavlovitz

    Brian Pavlovitz give me that marrow! 10+ Year Member

    May 31, 2003

    Click on "enter NSAS website". You can purchase the practice exam there.
  4. leydig

    leydig Junior Member 5+ Year Member

    Oct 13, 2004
    Hello everyone

    I have used the one exam sold for step III by NBME. Is there any other practice exam published by NBME to gauge my improvement since the last exam.

    Thanks again everyone. Let's keep each other motivated!

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