Practice tests: do more NBME or take the Kaplan full-length?

Discussion in 'Step I' started by stressmonkey, May 26, 2008.

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    Just wondering if anybody has some good advice....I'm taking Step I on June 14th and am kind of in a time crunch and I was wondering if it would be more time efficient/better prep to take a few more NBME's spread out over the next three weeks or to sink an entire day into the Kaplan test and take a few less NBME's because of it....I've already taken NBME 2 and the practice test at the Prometric center, so I have an idea where I am now and I want to track my progress. Which NBME's are hardest or the best predictors? Is the Kaplan test worth doing? Thanks!
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  3. lilnoelle

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    I took the Kaplan full length exam last weekend and was a little dissapointed because at the end, all I got was a percentage correct, and no correlational score to go with it.

    There are benefits to doing the full length over the NBME's - namely they give you the questions + answers/explanations afterwards, so you can use it as a study tool.

    I wish I had taken an NBME instead though, so I could've at least had a guestimated score.
    This weekend I have to take another full length exam (through my school) and I'm guessing I won't get a guestimated score from it either! So I'll be waiting till the week before my exam to have an idea of my progress. I know I could always take another NBME exam, but I don't feel like I have the time.

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