Practice tests to use BESIDES AAMC?

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I am planning to retake the MCAT in April, having just taken the Aug one and being somewhat dissatisfied with my score. One problem is, I took all the AAMC tests (1-6) in preparation for Aug, and now I'm not sure which tests to use when preparing for April. I figure I can retake the AAMC ones again just for practice, but as far as diagnostics to see if I'm improving I don't know which tests to use. I really need to find some tests that are similar enough to the AAMC ones that they can be a reliable indicator of progress. Anyone have any advice in this area? Other re-takers, what have you used?

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I tried Columbia Review's tests. They were HORRIBLE. EK are reputed to be awesome. AAMC really is the best, you know from taking it in August. You can wait and see if they come out with some more tests. I heard somewhere they are coming out with a few new practice tests in the nxt few months.

Best of luck in April.
What are your opinions of someone using a combination of EK 101 (by virtue of ESL), Kaplan Comprehensive Review and Kap MCAT 45? Any suggestions as I am using these three against next April?
The TPR 41xx series is pretty good. These exams are a bit more challenging than an actual MCAT. Ice_23 likened it to swinging with a weighted bat before actually stepping up to the plate. I would have to agree.

If you find yourself in a position where you are consistently scoring in the mid-30s and would like to up your score even more, the TPR book with MCATS A, B, C, and D could help you do that. Those tests are ridiculously difficult and introduce material that has little chance of showing up on the exam...but it's that stuff that could make the difference between a 12, 13, 14, or 15 in a section.

One of my TPR teachers said, assuming you have the time, that you should do these tests if you've already got 10s or better on a subject consistently in practice. I didn't have time to use them myself, but I know they are "ego-deflating" tests. They're difficult to finish within the allotted time per section, and the questions are very specific.

AAMC MCATs 3R and 4R are fairly old apparently, and 5R and 6R are the closest reflections to the actual test.

You might be able to find the TPR exams and course books in a used bookstore if you live in a college town. Stores like Half-price Books, Know New Books, and similar could have them.

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