Practicing adult and child neurology

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Jun 15, 2005
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I am currently an adult neurology resident, PGY3, and loved my child neurology rotations this year. In addition to my adult neurology education, I am interested in pursuing further training in child neurology but am a little unsure what my options are. I know that a peds internship would be required to become boarded in child neurology, but are there options for a concentration or focus in child neurology that would not require general pediatric training? How would these different routes and levels of training impact my privileges for managing the pediatric population?

For frame of reference, after residency I have a great opportunity to take over a solo practioner's practice in a smaller town. There is plenty of business for adult neurology, and zero competion for child neurology.

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As a boarded adult neurologist, there is nothing to stop you from seeing pediatric patients, and in many parts of the country this is what happens due to the shortage of pediatric neurologists. The only real limitation is your comfort with these patients. To sit for the boards with special qualification in child neurology, though, not only must you have a year of general pediatrics training (1 year pediatrics + 1 year internal medicine can replace the two years of pediatrics that most child neurologists do), but your three years of neurology must be "in a child neurology program accredited by the ACGME", which makes it sound like your current adult neurology training could not be used to satisfy that requirement. My opinion (take it for what it is worth) is that you would be best served by simply taking as many child neurology electives as you can, sitting for the regular neurology boards, and then simply making it known in your community that you are also willing and able to see pediatric patients. This shouldn't be a problem if you aren't trying to practice peds neuro in an academic setting.

- Erick