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Jan 30, 2004
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Hi...I know the drill...these programs are mainly for pre-meds...however I have been told otherwise (and know some people who did these programs and went on to matriculate into dental school). Anyway, some questions:

I have posted some stuff on the dental forum, but because this pertains to post-bac questions, I wanted to ask them here.

-I applied to many schools for 2004. I am going to reapply early, study to re-take the exam (DAT) this summer, do some extra activities (volunteer at a hospital, maybe work in a dental lab, etc). I have been told my DAT is whats holding me back. I understand this point....I am not debating it...however....would a program like one of these be worthwhile (my GPA is 3.2-3.3)?
I would assume so as they expose you to some difficult material that you are hit with in your first two years of dental school.

-I noticed at Indiana there is a program for pre-professional students as well as strictly for pre-meds...is this true...or is there only 1 MS program and am I seeing different names for the same program?

-Are there certain programs adcoms consider to be more prestigious? (I am in IL and would like to apply to Loyola's MA program but because its too new they only take MCAT scores)

-At this time in the application ballgame for post-baccs/masters programs, is it too late to apply? Also, are people here referring to advanced post-bacc/masters programs (with advanced course work like physiology, etc) or the basic pre-requisite postbacc programs, or both?


-Any misc. thoughts on where to go, what to take, how to pick program or would you say whichever program is the most comfortable?
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