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Sep 14, 2014
New York
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I'm still waiting for ****ing AAMC to release my score so I though I would create a thread for all lyricists/poets/rap listeners. Spit your bars below, i'll start off... Keep it pre-med/ medical themed (if possible)

AAMC be acting a fool
Holding my scores, keeping me from Med school
The struggle is real, I ran out of weed
Nothing keeping my nerves calm
except maybe some mead?
Looking at twitter, hoping for news
They probably laughing at us saying
"HAHA look at those fools"

@Goro @gyngyn @LizzyM
You guys are the true MVP's of SDN
I personally thank you for all your advice
It canbe said twice, maybe even thrice, but its always concise
Even though not always nice

It is now 2:30 and I am pretty tired
of having to wait and see what I acquired
This MCAT exam will be the death of me
It is seriously ****ing with my diastole...

I know Its bad to complain
But I cannot refrain
The emotions let loose all up in my brain

Just give me my score
I'm losing kilograms
Ohh god help me
With this MCAT exam



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Feb 9, 2016
Im a pre med
A week late and already dead
already had many people doubting me he said
"you cant just give up"
"you just all f***ed up"
But i dont let phase me
im a rock they cant haze me
I dont know where to go from here
My dear i miss her
been up till 3 am and didnt even get to kiss her
workin my a$$ off and got nobody no teacher
to tell me in doin well oh well i cant keep up with em
imma bust out the rut
so what im in class right now for real guys i gotta stop making bars now... thats not a bar lol
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Jun 3, 2016
Medical Student
Pre-Med, A Haiku:

The MCAT hurt me
But Step I will hurt me more
ADCOMS laugh at pain


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Jul 22, 2016
Napping in the shade
Medical Student (Accepted)
What what WHat, its @Dagrimsta1
Droppin bombs like obama on air force 1
Waitin for scores hes a nervous wreck
cuz its the key to gettin that docs paycheck

But im here waiting for IIs
each one feels like slice of pie
but i've only got four
and @doctorbob23 nearly got 24
But what matters is that acceptance you bag
so stop worrying about them #humblebrags