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Nov 1, 2008
hey guys. when i interviewed at schools, they told me i needed to do my physics II requirement (which was true and I finished it this semester..yay!!). but both of the schools that told me that also required 6 hours of english. i had taken three hours of english in the past and finished the remaining three this semester. however, i didn't have the english class listed on my aadsas as a class that i was going to take this semester.

anyways, i have me the english requirements fully now, i just thought it was weird that the schools didn't mention that i needed to finish the english requirement but did say that i needed to finish the physics requirement.

even in my letters, both of them said to finish the physics req. neither of them mentioned the english.

do you think this got overlooked or i just did well enough on the reading part of the DAT or my grades were great or something?
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