Preceptor Submitted Eval Late, Now Stuck with the Wrong Lower Grade in My Specialty Rotation

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Aug 6, 2019
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So I had a rotation in psychiatry in a while back and I sent the preceptor an email with the eval right after as per all my other rotations. However, he did not send it in and after a few months the school put down a B as a substitute (which they give to all substitute grades). After following up with the preceptor and some headache with school admin, I got the eval and submitted it (his eval equated to A [all "exceeds expectations"] since the elective grade is 100% based on eval).

They put in his comments but wouldn't budge updating the grade itself, referencing the student guidebook saying they can't change the grade since its set now (MSPEs aren't sent yet). Where can I mention this in my ERAS? My other 2 psyc rotations were both A (no honors though) and I don't want this to negatively impact my residency applications. Appreciate any responses.

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