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Mar 18, 2002
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good to see a radonc forum. i too am a senior at a u.s. medschool trying for radiation. just a couple of ?s. i plan on doing a prelim gen surg year prior to radonc residency, and will be using gen surg as a backup as well. is there a preferred prelim (med vs. trans vs. surg) for radonc, or is it up to the individual applicant? also, does anyone have a list of programs that have required prelim years at the same institution, or ones that provide them with the radonc match? thanks in advance.

fyi, there are 3-4 folks (incl. myself) at my medschool that are applying. how many at yours? anyone else anxious about not matching?!

good luck to everyone, and thanks again. hopefully i'll see ya'll on the interview trail...


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Aug 7, 2002
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I am definitely afraid of not matching! I am one of 2 at my institution shooting for rad onc, and it is definitely getting more competitive. I was planning on applying to about 25 programs, and doing int. med. as my prelim. yr.

I was also thinking about applying for categorical int. med. as a backup. Does anyone have any views on this? Have you been told we should apply to categorical programs as a back up? If so, how do we manage to keep all this paperwork straight?



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Aug 9, 2002
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I really don't think it matters whether we do prelim med/transitional/surg. All the places I've seen will accept any. It only matters for those few programs that have a categorical year, so you'd have to do the med/transitional at the institution where you match. The places that I'm aware are Michigan, Beaumont, Emory, and Cleveland Clinic (??). Anyone else have any others to add?


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Jul 27, 2002
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You have got it in the bag. Your resume makes mine look like an application for 1st grade.

Just remember the people who have you a place to live when you are a big shot.

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