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Discussion in 'Neurology' started by penguins, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Recently got a preliminary year pre-match offer. An offer I would love to take at a program I would love to be at. However, in talking to the neuro programs I have interviewed at I have found that to be a big negative. I keep hearing about people who have few programs that offer prelim years. I seem to have the opposite problem. 8 of the 12 programs I have interviewed at guarantee 1st year and half of those don't want you to do PGY-1 anywhere else. A couple of those said I couldn't rank them even if I chose to do it somewhere else and the other places say I have to make arrangements with the PD before the match because it is never done, etc.
    So 8 of my 12 guarantee it, 3 of the 12 say getting PGY-1 is "highly likely" and only 1 of the 12 says you are on your own.

    Any input on this? I think I have decided to pass up the offer since it would hurt my neuro matching odds even though I would love to train at that program. Others might be facing the same situation as prelim interviews are starting to take off.

    It was interesting that programs that say they don't mind you doing PGY-1 somewhere else on their website, have different answers in person. They say that is in reference to when trying to recruit a PGY-2 into the program. FYI

    Oh, before everyone frieks out... I am a USIMG and anyone who is not a US Senior is allowed to take a pre-match spot. :)
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    can you elaborate. Why are they doing this?

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