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Aug 22, 2015
About a year ago I decided to change my career path. Long story short, I lost a family member due to cancer and has greatly impacted my outlook on everything. I am an URM and the first to attend college in my family. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how I could improve my chances of getting into medical school. I'm currently a senior majoring in anthropology/biology/chemistry. I started taking prerequisites last year and aced both bio and gen chem classes and raised my 3.1 gpa to a 3.5. I will be taking orgo, physics, and human genetics this semester.

As for extracurricular activities... I was captain of a competitive dance team from 2011-2013. I was in my school's cheerleading team my freshman year ( I didn't really like it much so I stopped). I did two paid summer internships for a building management company. I was an alumni leader for my high school's retreat(spiritual). When the semester starts, I will be volunteering in the emergency department and assisting in research with my professor on genetics. Is there anything else I should be doing?
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