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Aug 25, 2008
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After learning the strategies to tackle the verbal section, is there any other way to study for verbal besides doing many practice passages?

In other words, is the verbal section unique in the sense that you can't really study/memorize "information" as you would for the science sections?

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Yes, the verbal section is fairly unique for the reason you mentioned. Outside of doing TIMED practice problems and thoroughly analyzing your results, you could also read tough articles. However, I only suggest reading to improve your verbal if you have plenty of time before the time. In other words, you're outside of the 3 month window before you take the MCAT.

After you finish reading an article, try to come up with questions you think might have gone with the passage in question. Also, make sure you get in the habit of forming the main idea of the article, the main idea of the individual paragraphs, and the authors general disposition. Nevertheless, taking TIMED practice problems is more valuable than reading articles, by far.