Apr 25, 2015
I was wondering if anyone had tips on improving case presentation

I know the most obvious way to improve is to practice is real life. I only get this opportunity 2 times a week (graudated 2015, doing observership) and feel I am not presenting enough (since my preceptor doesn't really care to listen and he sort of let's me do my own thing - most of the time he just asks me for CC and then what I want to do with the patient)

Are there any specific youtube videos, books, courses etc. that you guys used to improve case presentation.

I always have to write everything down and rehearse - it is not practical and takes up time. I see attendings and residents not write anything down and they can spew out the whole story so quickly. I am striving to be like that.

Anyone have any cool resources they use or exercises to improve presentting skills?


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Jul 29, 2009
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As stated the ONLY way to really improve is to practice it.

Just go into it with a format that you use every time so that you don't miss anything

I use SOAP format each time, every time when presenting a patient on rounds.

Subjective- what did the patient say. "Mrs smith denies shortness of breath today. She is eating well. pain is well controlled. Nursing denies issues overnight"

Objective- objective data for the patient. ALWAYS starting with vital signs. Then remainder of relevant physical exam. Then lab data. Then imaging. "Vitals 98.2, pulse 60, resp 16, BP 140/80, O2 sat 99% on RA. Her lungs are clear, improved from end expiratory wheezes yesterday. No peripheral edema. blah blah blah. Her WBC count is 12, down from 15 yesterday. BMP is blah blah blah. CXR read as infiltrate vs atelectasis. CT scan showed a resolving right lower lobe pneumonia.

Assessment- This is where you earn your money. Interpret all the data you have given thus far. This should be 1 sentence where you can learn 90% of what you need to know about the patient in 5 seconds. "In summation, we have Mrs. Smith, a 65 year old F with history of COPD admitted on 9/25 with community acquired RLL pneumonia and sepsis."

Plan- What do you plan to do about it. As much as you can help it do not put your plan in other sections of your presentation or especially note. It is my pet peeve to read my interns notes and see parts of the plan in the HPI. "We are continuing her rocephin and azithromycin and today is day #3 of treatment. Social work has been consulted and is attempting to find placement. If found she could be discharged as early as tomorrow. We hope to have a family meeting for goals of care this afternoon"