PreVet Pre-Req ?

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Jul 4, 2010
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Hey everyone I am new to this site and I am finding it very helpful. I do have a quick question if anyone knows.. Does it look bad to take you science courses over the summer? I have heard mixed reviews... thanks in advance!][

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Do you mean over the summer at a different school? Or do you mean over the summer at your main university? If you meant the former, then I'm not sure - never looked much into that since I never had to do it. If you mean the latter, then in my opinion - no. I don't see why it would. It is still the same course that you would have taken during the Fall or Spring and it may even be harder (since often summer courses are squeezed into a shorter time frame).
I took the following pre-reqs over various summers:

Organic chem I & II (same summer)

Physics II

In the case of Physics, I took it over the same summer as Immunology, Molecular Biology II and writing my undergrad honors thesis. I don't think any of this was held against me...
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It depends. If you take summer classes so you can finish a degree in 4 years while only taking 12 credits a semester, that's not good unless you have a good reason such as full-time employment. If you take summer courses at an "easier" school it won't be as favorable as taking them at a harder school but it's definitely not a deal-breaker, especially if your reasons for doing it included things like saving $ or leaving time to pursue a major in a different field at your home school. Taking summer classes at your home school is completely fine, especially if you are also taking a full load during the academic year.
I will be taking it at the same college.. reason being I want to be able to apply for vet school for 2012. I just finished Chem 1 (1st summer semester) and I am starting Bio 2 and Chem 2 tuesday for the second summer semester. So then I will be able to take orgo 1 and 2 this fall and spring then Physics 1 and 2 next summer, then Biochem in fall, then all pre reqs done....... What fun I have ahead lol. I am an older student with a few degrees already so I just need to get these done.