Previous "Incomplete" on Transcript

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Jun 10, 2014
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so, for about 2 months i had an incomplete (I) on my transcript for my independent study this past semester. My PI wanted me to rewrite my paper but he takes a while to get back to me because of lots of traveling. anyway, I finally got a a grade and submitted my transcript
however, i recently noticed that on my official transcript, its says my grade but underneath:
Note: Changed from previous "I" grade
(but it isn't my official grade, an A is)

so clearly, I did get a grade in the end and it was not like i slacked off on work. my PI also wrote me (what i think) a great LOR since Ive been there since freshman year.
what I'm asking, do you think med schools will see this as an issue? I can easily explain what happened but I don't want to be penalized.



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May 15, 2011
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Med schools don't see your transcripts, just the course info on AMCAS, so if you have an A as your transcript grade, schools won't know about the former I. You have to send your final transcript to the med school you matriculate to, but the former incomplete is not an issue.