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Dec 29, 2012
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I'm selling my complete (pre-2015 MCAT) set of TBR (2013 edition). This includes:

- Gen Chem I & II
- Bio I & II (basically already includes the biochem that was added)
- Physics I & II
- Orgo I & II

- I'll throw in the verbal reasoning if you want it (2009 version, all others are from 2013)

These are awesome! I really think they made a big difference in my 90%+ MCAT score. They are thorough and really make sure that you're getting the concepts down. There are a few marks in pen here and there from the previous owner but everything else is marked VERY lightly in pencil and is easily erased. No highlighting (except in the verbal book). The books are in great condition.

$125 - shipping included
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