Program Directors: any unexpected AEGD/GPR or similar openings?


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Jun 9, 2010
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    I graduated dental school in May. I applied and got accepted into what was known as a good AEGD. Unfortunately there was recent director and administration change in the recent past.

    The new administration is not a fan of big treatment plans or implant services. This is highly disappointing as I was looking to challenge myself clinically beyond "bread and butter" dentistry. So far I have been doing primarily exams/simple fillings and a few other general dentistry procedures. The head administrator is very disappointing. Never spent anytime in private practice. The individual simply sits in their office, busy with "administrative work" and rarely sees patients.

    I seem to have impressed my AEGD faculty from my clinical skills and speed. I can guarantee you I am a hard worker and easy individual to get along with.

    Looking to see if there were any unexpected openings for AEGD/GPR or fellowship programs of some sort. Send me a message and we can converse.

    Thanks for your time.
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