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Programs within driving distance of Philly


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    Hey out there,

    I'm a small-town pacific northwest kid, getting my MD in the big city of Philadelphia. My question is: what do you all know about the residency programs that are within driving distance of Philadelphia? The reason I ask is, although I would ideally like to go somewhere near "home" for residency, most of the programs are NOT in Oregon or Washington. This being the case (and the fact that I'm not made of money...plane tickets for interviews are SPENDY!) I'd like to have some idea about which programs might be a good fit. Thanks in advance for your input guys!

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    Nov 19, 2002
      To my knowledge the ones in Philly are:

      Then, there is Christiana in Delaware

      Also, as someone else said, York and Hershey not too far away.

      For interview purposes and driving, can look into Geisinger in Danville, PA.

      Also, St. Lukes in the Allentown area.

      Also, don't forget Cooper in NJ.

      Now some of those you obviouslly can't commute to if you want to live in Philly...but for driving for interviews, it is possilble.

      Then, if you are just looking for places to interview, can head further North in NJ and hit Newark Beth Israel, Morristown, and UMDNJ Newark is starting a program.

      Can head into the DC/Maryland area also for driving trips and there are several down there (GW, Maryland, Hopkins).

      So, just do some searching and can find info on most of these programs. But, from an application prospect, can drive in a day to most of these programs from Philly.

      Also, some of the programs may give a more small-town feel (i.e. Geisinger).


      Good with a bo-staff
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        Thanks for all the input! Staying IN Philadelphia for residency is something I'm trying to stay away from. It's so BIG! That being said, I still intend to apply to all of the programs here and staying for 3-4 more years would not be the end of the world. What I'm looking for are EM residencies near Philly (to drive for interviews), but without the big-city feel (more like home). In this regard, "freshly mown cow-pasture" would be just fine :laugh: !!



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        Sep 23, 2003
          for small town feel avoid cooper, drexel, jeff, einstein, temple, penn, newark, maryland, hopkins....

          try the york, geisinger, morristown, st lukes, etc...

          check out residency catalog in saem.org ....
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