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I am always coming here for information and I can usually find it myself but now I need some help ;0)

If any of you could take some to answer some of the following questions I would really be greatful! I will be glad to let you know the outcome of my project if you are interested, but as for now I don't want to risk any bias by giving too much detail.

If you would like to help, please message me or post your response.

I REALLY Appreciate your help! :)
- Misty

Questionnaire for GP's, Students and ADNP's:

1. What field are you currently pursuing?

2. What reasons did you have for continuing your education? (Prior to BSN)

3. Did you ever consider the opposing path (GPs- did you ever consider becoming an ADNP & vice versa)?

4. In your opinion, what are the MAJOR differences between FNP’s and GP’s?

5. What are the current requirements for licensure in your field?

a. Do you have to complete a residency? If so how long and in what area?

6. What is, or will be your total number of years in school?

7. How would you compare the knowledge levels of GP’s vs. FNP’s?

8. Do you feel that FNP are qualified to work safely as an independent in a family practice setting?

9. Would you ever direct your loved ones to an FNP for issues within the FNP’s scope of practice?

10. Do you feel that there are any responsibilities currently held by FNP’s that should be expanded or minimized?

11. Do you agree with the current regulations governing FNP prescribing?

12. What is your response to a GP stating that FNP’s in private practices are “Scabs”, or a GP stating that a FNP is putting their pt. in “danger” by practicing independently?

13. Do you feel that FNP’s are a threat to the GP?

14. How would you define the overall perception of FNP’s by the medical community?

15. GP’s (or students), would you consider employing an FNP in your practice? Why or Why not?

16. What do you believe will change within the scope of practice for FNP’s within the next 10 years?
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