Prostate Saturation

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Sep 24, 2009
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I think this has been touched on a bit before but can anyone from their experience with fellow clinicians add to my sparse knowlege of this (also so I can pass it along to a resident who asked), what, if any, clinical indications there are for saturation biopsies? Is there targeted therapy around that is actually used that can be directed at the areas most affected by carcinoma? Is there any reason to do this (besides insurance prospecting) before a diffinitive diagnosis of cancer?

I suspect this might degenerate into our usual charicature of urologists as cackling manaiacal, cape-donning, vaudville villians, twisting their handlebar mustaches while simultaneously performing saturation biopsies and tying damsels to railroad tracks for oncoming trains to run over. BUT, any actual treatment planning reasons for these would be very much appreciated.

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