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Bad Mojo

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Jul 12, 2003
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I was at a pre-orientation thing for straight MD this weekend. At a informative thing about research, the two students talked about PSTP, a combined residency and PhD program (if I remember correctly). Has anyone ever heard of this or are these two guys crazy?


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Jul 14, 2002
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No, they are not crazy. UCLA has a program called STAR for physicians who want to obtain PhD's. I believe this program is available with residency or fellowship.


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Feb 13, 2004
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Some schools, such as UC Davis, that don't have a MSTP program, have PSTP. At UC Davis, it's pretty similar to a MSTP program (in terms of the 2-4-2 order of the curriculum) except it's not NIH-funded. I'm not an expert on this topic but this is my level of understanding of it...
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