Psych jobs that start late

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Oct 26, 2019
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Anyone have any experience finding jobs that allow you to start your day around 10-11 AM? (in any setting)

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Many outpatient private practices would love for you to take on evening hours! In general outpatient settings would be your best bet (because many other settings will want you overlapping with other disciplines for morning meeting etc during business hours). Some of the large outpatient health systems might not allow this, though, because they may only have administrative staff, security, etc within certain hours.
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In private practice I never see patients before 10 and usually not before 11. You may be able to find some fixed shift ER psych or C-L work where you could come in later. For some outpatient gigs you can do afternoons and evenings. Some residential, PHP and IOP gigs don't care when you see the patients so you may be able to negotiate it.
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