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Oct 7, 2006
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An MA/MS en-route (which is what they call a Masters that you earn while completing your doctoral training) can be helpful in some instances. One of the most common is teaching outside of the university, as you have that "credential" when you submit your CV for consideration.

Some states have licensure options at the MA/MS level for people who complete a counseling/clinical doctoral program. While I don't think this should be the defining reason to choose one program over another, it is a consideration....depending on your plans for graduate school and beyond.
Jul 13, 2009
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Having the masters can make you "billable" and a LPC, although the specifics vary by state. I know that in some states, for individuals who haven't completed their dissertation by the end of internship, having that masters is very helpful towards getting a paid position (withouth the phd). I'm not totally sure of the specifics, though I believe every state is different in that regard.

Hi. I'm sorry if there is a thread about this but after searching I couldn't find one. I'm trying to decide between Argosy-Chicago and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and one of the differences I've noticed is the CSOPP has students earn a MA on the way (non-terminal) but Argosy doesn't, and students can, they just have to take a couple extra classes. How important is it to have this MA on the way? Does it make you more marketable as for internships and later jobs? Thanks!