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May 4, 2017
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How are my chances at PT looking?

GPA: 3.6
GRE: 162 V 148 Q 5.0 Writing
120 Observation hours: 30 Outpatient, 30 Acute, 30 Skilled Nursing, 30 Private practice/sports performance.
I have Physics prereqs that will be in progress during the time of application.

I have experience teaching school for two years as well.


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Jul 14, 2017
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Your quantitative score is a little low but I wouldn’t worry about it since your verbal and writing scores are good. I would recommend you check the requirements of schools you apply to though - some require each score over 150 while others only want the total over 300.

The variety of settings for your observation hours will for sure help your chances. If nothing else it shows your interest in the profession and will give you some good talking points during interviews.

I would say you have a great chance at getting into a PT program!! Go for it!!
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