PTCAS Grade Calculation for Retaken classes

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Jul 23, 2022
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Hi all,

Quick question for a friend applying to PT school soon. How does the PTCAS calculate grades from retaken classes? My friend has multiple Ds and Cs that she has later retaken for As and Be. Will she only report the most recent grade? Or will schools see both grades? And will her PTCAS prereq GPA and overall GPA only take into accout the most recent/better course or the average of the two grades?

I know for my sake (premed) AMCAS does not do grade replacement and takes all courses no matter the retake status into account when calculating sGPA and overall GPA. Thanks for any information!

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I am in the process of applying to PT school via PTCAS right now so my info should be up to date. Yes - ALL grades must be reported by the applying student and they'll see it on the official transcript that she sends from her uni anyway. I retook 2 courses bc I got C's in them since I didn't know how to study freshman year of undergrad and I had to report those and the improved grades I got after retaking them.

tldr: all grades are reported just like AMCAS
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All grades are reported, some schools will factor the last 60 hours and trending, others will only accept your overall which factors in the lower Cs and Ds. In mine, some schools threw out my application and didn’t even write to tell me. You’d think a $150 application and $75 supplemental application fee would warrant that.