Apr 30, 2014
Hi everyone, i am a pharmacist with a bachelor degree came recently to USA/Texas... Iam planning to apply for the equivalency on april or october 2015 ...
It came up up to my mind to apply for PTCE so i can get a job with cash early , to learn how the pharmacy managed here , and It might be easier to get internship in the future... Is this a good idea?
Can i apply for ptce and equivalency at the same time ?
is Texas a good place to apply for equivalency ?? ..
And pharmD degree i have my transcript of grades and syllabus if i apply to it ,do they equivelate some of the subjects that i have already studied so i can finish PharmD earlier ??bcuz i heard that it takes about 6 years .. Thanks


Lost Shaker Of Salt
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Oct 2, 2006
In most states, PTCE is no required to work as a pharmacy technician. Yes, I would definitely recommend getting a job as a pharmacy technician, and if your state requires it, then get the PTCE as well. Apply for equivalency....I don't think you can do that if you pharmacy degree is just a bachelors. Applying to pharmacy school, the 6 years minimum is including undergrad, since you already have a bachelors, you should only need 4 years to get your PharmD. It's possible your school may give you credit for some of the classes you've taken (it varies from school to school), however you will most certainly still have to take 4 years (getting credit for some classes, will just give you an easier courseload, not shorten the amount required to get a PharmD.) There are PharmD schools that are only 3 years, these schools go year round, instead of taking summers off.
Apr 30, 2014
my pharmacy is for 5 years and i graduate after 2003 and according to fpgee bulletin i am qualified ... I am gonna apply for ptce , do you know what books to study for it ??