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Originally posted by calbears84
If i send in a letter of rec from prof in the public health department...is that considered a science letter?
thats a gray area.....is it a biostats/epi professor (implying some mathematical/statistical inclination)? Or is it environmental health/BSHE/policy and management, etc? With the former I could possibly see, but the latter I'm not too sure, but I'd guess not. Plus, it might depend on the school, some schools are "MPH friendly" (like Tulane, according to a grad at CDC.) I'd say ask the schools you're applying to, but I wouldn't bank on it.


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Mar 22, 2002
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i'd agree with DW. i got 2 letters from public health profs -- one from a biostats prof and one from a physiology prof. the physiology is for sure a science letter. the biostats is too (if math is considered a science -- is it?). the same thing would be true for some epi course profs. i don't think international health, health policy, etc.. would be considered science. some environmental health classes might be depending on the nature of the course.
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