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Push Western Interview Post-Dec?


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Jul 23, 2008
    If you think you did well on the other 2 interviews, I think you should just call them and make it post dec, I delayed one of my interviews a few weeks ago and saved over $300 in flights!!! just because it was on short notice.


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    Feb 18, 2010
      Can I have your Western interview? :laugh:

      Personally, I would go to every pre-Dec interview just to be safe. But it's up to you... How confident do you feel that you'll get an acceptance on Dec 1st? Is the risk worth the $380+ you'd save?
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      Oct 12, 2010
      1. Pre-Dental
        are u fersure sure that u did well on those two interviews?
        are u 100 percent sure that u will get accepted to one of those two?

        If not just take the pre dec interview at western. two interviews are risky.


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        Nov 19, 2008
        1. Pre-Dental
          I would go. I'v had interviews where I felt like I was a shoe in but apparently that was not the case for some schools. My stats were not stellar either. So if you know you are very competitive then it might be worth a shot to wait.


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          Feb 27, 2009
          1. Dentist
            I actually postponed mine post-Dec and I have lower stats with only two interviews so far. I would go to either of the schools I got interviewed at over Western (despite the lack of a visit). However, if I don't get into one of those, I may be kicking myself in the arse for not going.
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