Aug 3, 2010
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Just wondering what y'all think about contacting programs you're interested in if you find out (courtesy of SDN) that someone's cancelled their slot.

I mean - I know progs have a waitlist and all - and there's obviously a horde of people waiting to jump in for that interview - and progs contact who they want - but does anyone have experience/thoughts on being proactive and calling progs yourself? :confused:

Or will that be :scared: And risk coordinators being :mad: But it can be :cool: for us applicants and make us :D


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Aug 17, 2009
Attending Physician
It's all about how you word your email or call. I've had several friends contact programs and let them know that they were still very interested in the program and were hopeful that a they were still being considered for an interview (or something like that) and were eventually offered an interview there. Not sure if this "sympathy" interview is worth your while but hey, if it's in a place you like and you wow them on the interview, you never know...

On the other hand, I could see how a poorly worded email (ie. if there's been a cancellation please, please take me) would be very annoying to PD's and coordinators.