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    I have encouraged all of my dental student friends to try QbankDMD as I truly believe it made the difference in passing both Part 1 and Part 2 of the NBDE on my first attempts. It assisted me with the topics I was having trouble with and allowed me to focus on those particular areas. I loved how flexible the software was and how I could change my topics in an exam. I also had the option of creating a timed or untimed exam. I also loved the tutorial mode. I think it is one of the most confidence boosting features when you are beginning because you have an instant answer. If I was beginning my preparation all over again, I would start out with QBankDMD and I think it would have been an easier road overall. Thank you for this fantastic product!”

    Beth Nielsen, DDS

    Dalhousie University


    “Thank you QbankDMD for helping me pass the Part 2 exam!”

    Daniel Gasperini, DMD

    University of Buffalo School of Dentistry


    “QbankDMD is a great review for Part 1 and 2 of the NDEB for Canada too. I passed my exams because of QbankDMD. Try it and you will have great results!”

    Jonathan Pantaleon, Doctor of Dental Medicine

    National University, Manila


    “Subscribing to QbankDMD was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made during my preparation of the NBDE Part 1 exam as it proved to be an immensely helpful tool. It helped me to zero in on my weaknesses through the performance analytics feature and it simulated the actual exam. QbankDMD put me at ease on exam day and helped me manage time efficiently. I truly thank QbankDMD for aiding me in my preparation and instilling the much needed confidence to face the exam. I am pleased to inform you that I passed my NBDE Part 1amd I’m very grateful to QbankDMD. I shall definitely include QbankDMD in my Part 2 preparation. Thank you!”

    Priyanka Sheshagiri

    Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, Los Angeles


    “QbankDMD was the only on-line tool that included Case Study questions for the NBDE Part 2 (Day 2). The software provided me with a variety of features that assisted me with my preparation and they have the best customer support. Thank you QbankDMD!”

    Kelsey Fraser

    University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine


    “I would really like to thank QbankDMD! The software really helped me succeed on my first attempt with the exam and I am hoping for the same results for Part 2.”

    Atfa Inayat

    University of Saskatchewan, College of Dentistry


    “QBankDMD is a great addition to your regular study materials when preparing to take the NBDE. The questions helped me tremendously to prepare for the exam. These questions cover a wide variety of important and high yield topics. Being able to complete practice questions online at my convenience, simulating the real exam by timing myself, and finding out my subject weaknesses are some of the strengths that this resource offers. In addition, the detailed explanations for each answer helped me to review the important concepts and learn new key points from each question. These questions parallel very closely the board/ADA released exam questions and the questions I encountered on the day of the exam, but the main thing is that you do not have to spend hours and hours searching for why the answer is the correct answer and the others are not, because it is right there at the tip of your fingers once you are done with the exam, which releases a lot of pressure when time is of the essence. I highly recommend it. I will be using it again for NBDE part 2”.

    Gustavo Delgado

    East Carolina University

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