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May 25, 2016
Hey everyone,

I am so scared of my QR section and I have my exam this Saturday. If I had all the time in the world, I can probably get almost of them right -- but it takes me a while to look at the problem and see what you have to do. I know sometimes its pretty much the same questions, but sometimes it can vary. I seem to always keep running out of time.

I have done all dat math destroyer exams 1-9, as well end of dat destroyer math section.

I keep getting 17/18's on DAT bootcamp and DAT genius practice test.



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Aug 7, 2015
What helped me is go over the type of problems that I missed. For example I struggled with probability/rates/circle tangents. Pick specific topics and look at Khan and look for other sources for problems. It might seem like they're not related to the tests....but I think outside information and more practice helps you altogether with your weak points. It's vital to try to learn concepts instead of just taking practice tests. I'd say don't take practice tests for 1-2 days. Just go over concepts, formulas, questions you got wrong and videos maybe to understand the overall concept. In some cases it works to "memorize" a certain pattern of solving a problem. This may only work in some cases....but some problems keep coming up again and again and knowing how to tackle it can save a lot of time! Good luck

Also I feel like bootcamp has a harsh grading scale for math but it's better that way for practice test I think haha. Did you use math destroyer?