Aug 26, 2020
Hi so I want to become a surgeon when i’m older (I’m 16 atm) and i was wondering are visible tattoos like a forearm tattoo frowned upon? because i want one (like i’m in the process of setting up an appointment) that looks like the picture i added and the size of the other picture i added. would that be okay or should i look for somewhere else to get it done?

PS: the person in my avi is Cardi B not me.


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Oct 24, 2020
Had you not already gotten it, my suggestion would be to adjust the placement so it isn't visible in scrubs. Since you already have it, you can always wear a long-sleeve shirt for interviews. Glamoflauge, which is very pigmented concealer you can get at Walmart, would help cover it up in situations where you need to have short-sleeves on.

It's a pretty tattoo. I like it. :)


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May 10, 2012
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I think a lot of states allow it to happen but only with written consent from a legal guardian and agreement with the tattoo artist.

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