Question about admission chances.

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Jun 9, 2024
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Hello! i am a non traditional pre med student in need of help of advice.

I got messed up from bullying in high school, affected my mentality and my grades in first few years of college. Got academically dismissed with GPA 1.6 gpa. I then became a nurse and then a nurse practitioner at different schools. Grades got better as i slowly healed. I just completed my post bacc program with a GPA of 3.9, 33 credits. But overall GPA now even after post bac is 2.66. MCAT score is 515. I have 8 years of clinical experience. currently working 10 hours a day as an NP. I volunteer at red cross once monthly-as a blood donor ambassador. My dream school is university of maryland school of medicine. There's no autoscreen and they look at each person holistically. My cumulative GPA being 2.66 is what worries me i am applying next year in 2025.

I cannot do SMP because im a sole provider in my family with one child.

Has anybody seen or know others in a unique situation like mine that got into med school with cumulative gpa 2.66? I have an upward trend, all A's in post bacc

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Start with Wayne State for starters and your state school.

You're going to have to do your research and see if any other schools will accept your reinvention with the gpas that you have.

Contact the Registrar at your undergraduate Institute and see if you can get retroactive withdrawals in your bad grade courses.. This is a thing wirh some schools, and the worst they'll do is say no.
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