Question about DAT date

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Mar 2, 2007
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:oops:Hey yall,

I am planning on applying to dental school as early in the cycle as possible (early this summer). The problem is, that is when i also need to take the DAT (i wont be done with orgo etc till then). Can you submit your application and then take the DAT? Or do you HAVE to have the scores before you can even submit? Do you think it would be ok to take the test mid june? I want to study a little more after school is out Are there only certain days you can take it? I thought you could make appointments.


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You can submit the application without the DAT scores, even without the LORs. Send the DAT scores to schools individually once they're available. In fact, you can fax in the scores to expedite the process, since ADA will take some time to mail out your scores. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Most schools wont start even looking at your file until about september. So it would be good for you to submit your AADSAS early, just so that the schools have your file, but then you can take your DAT a little later so that they will still have your scores when they take a look at it. So if you need some more time to study, be sure to still submit your AADSAS, but don't worry about taking the test a little later in June.

When I was signing up for the DAT, I could pick almost every day of the week. Just be sure you sign up and pick a date for it about 1.5 months ahead of time, because spots fill up fast.