question about dentistry

Could someone help me with this question ?
My signigficant other is a dentist. He has been practiced in Texas for 2 years. And now I am thinking of moving to Massachusetts for a couple years( for school )
Before i ask him to go with me . I am wondering if anyone could tell me what is a dentist supposed to do if he wants to practice in Massachusetts? take Massachusetts license ? how hard would it be ? lots of trouble ? where can i get some information about that ? I heard if you work for the government for some certain time , then you don't have to take the state license right ?
thanks for any responds .


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    If your S.O. meets the criteria, he can obtain license to practice in MA through credentials. Info here:

    Though I think licensure through credentials requires that he practiced somewhere for at least 5 years, but since you mentioned he only has 2 years in TX, that might not work..

    Or he can also get a limited license to practice by getting a job as faculty at an MA dental school (Harvard, Tufts or Boston U). Same thing if your S.O. gets work at a Federal Government agency as a dentist in MA (such as in the Indian Health Service, National Health Service, or the Army, Navy or Air Force).

    Another way would be if he doesn't mind going into some sort of post-grad training program in MA, but there's no guarantee he will get accepted to a PG program.

    Final resort would be the "brute force" solution-- Take the NERB licensure exam. I'm going to take it about a month from now and all I can say is it looks like a real doozie and I probably would not wish it on my worst enemy. :p

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