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Apr 30, 2009
Attending Physician
I have question about signing up for insurance panels. I have one outpatient job one day a week that has been filling out the credentialing with the insurance companies and putting themselves as the biller. However, one day a week I plan to have my own practice. I then fill out those papers a second time? How would referrals work from the insurance companies if I am signed up with someone else as well?


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Jun 22, 2013
when self employed do you just get the same contract and terms as ur employer got? Not sure if they get better terms with a multiple psychiatrists at their office. Or if I could get better by holding out and going with another company. I have also heard that once u are on the panel, they never take u off unless u have a lawyer send a letter. Kind of making themselves look like a larger network then they are

We should start posting actual contracts and terms to see where individuals can make headway. Im sure they threaten u in the contract not too, but u can put anything in a contract. Whether its enforceable in the courts is rarely the case, like noncompetive clauses. Both cases they have to prove they incurred damages from the actions. Freedom of speech is something that only exists in laws and courtrooms i think. Freedom to choose what doctor a patient wants to see, as well as when and where should be protected. I know we're all just $ signs to a hospital. But even when a person switches from drinking coke to pepsi, the retailer doesn't get sued.